Breaking the seal

13498145_10201671930998284_3887171278168271103_oI have this habit (that I’ve grown to love) of purchasing a new journal every time I begin a new adventure or enter into a new season of my life. Forsaking or letting go of the journal from the chapter that concludes always carries a great deal of ambivalence, but opening up the fresh crisp pages of the newly acquired bound book of wonder never disappoints. Apparently this need to mark a new beginning by swapping out journals has infiltrated the interwebs and has inspired me to launch a(nother) new blog.

The idea for this more personal blog has been swimming around my brain for over a year, but given the aforementioned habit, it makes sense that now in this new season of life that an unrelenting need to create a new space to catalogue the journey has pulled me along and moved me through any inhibitions or fears.

So here I am. The hubs and I just moved our family of 2 bigs, 3 not-so-littles, a 3 year old straggler and one anxious chocolate lab to Covington, WA. It was our 12th move as a family (not counting a few double moves) and now Covington is the 8th city we will call home for at least a little while. It’s a long story filled with a few chosen adventures and a few not-so-chosen adventures too. And so with this move comes some of the all-too-familiar adjustments to another new sub-culture, new schools, new surroundings and developing new rhythms as we learn to do life here together.
Truthfully, this new chapter is really just a subplot to the larger narrative that I’ve been working tirelessly to sort out most of my life. But lately, I’m more interested in learning how to delight in the living of it rather than being obsessed with figuring it all out. Old habits are hard to break, but here’s to capturing the days of our lives as we live them.

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