My journey into Motherhood began when I was barely an adult. I was the first of all of my peers and close friends to take on marriage and children. I like to say I’ve always had the spirit of a trailblazer, but the truth is there is a story behind the story. And it’s likely that I will unpack some of that story in this space. In this current chapter of motherhood, however, I am simultaneously navigating the tumultuous terrain of both the adolescent and threenage years with the four little women ever-rising before my very eyes. Mothering has been one of the most challenging and redemptive experiences of my life and I am compelled to believe the same is true for countless other mamas.

My journey into Faith has been bumpy, to put it kindly. A handful of mystical experiences have helped me hold onto the sense that there is a force greater than humanity at work in this world despite the path of religious deconstruction I’ve been treading upon for the past decade. I am a wanderer and seeker by nature but am trying to learn how to be a better seer and stayer as well.

My journey into Feminism really took root when I entered a graduate program in psychology back in 2007. There were mini-awakenings along the path, but beyond the education and training in the field of psychology, graduate school afforded me the intellectually safe space I needed to finally start asking the liberating questions about patriarchy and gender oppression globally that had been repressed for most of my female development. This passion continues to bleed into every aspect of my life and has had perhaps the greatest impact upon my approach to mothering my daughters.

My journey into and through Writing began when I was merely a girl with a broken heart in the 5th grade. It was in the pages of my first journal that I discovered the personally transformative power of putting our experiences into writing. And here I am–still discovering myself and the world around me through language.

So I invite you to join me, a therapist, blogger, feminist, amateur theologian, philosophy-loving, existential thinker and writer, mama to 4 little women rising, wife, seeker and warm drink lover at the Intersection (or messy collision?) of all of these categories and more.